24 hours of code


Hi guys! Yep – you read that title right, I’m going to be coding emails for 24 hours without stopping to raise money for charity. I’ll be live streaming the whole event.

What emails will you be making?

The emails I code will be pre-designed by the company I work for, Mosaic, and coded during the event. This is where I need your help.

The emails that are created will be created for anyone who wants one. All I ask for in return is a donation: it can be any amount. I am aiming to code 10 emails in the 24 hours and I need 9 more people/companies who need emails.

What you get for your donation?

  • A bespoke email designed by Mosaic and coded by me during the live stream.
  • The email set up in your existing email service provider or, if you don’t have one, will set your up in Mailchimp or a similar system.
  • I’ll teach you how to use your email template for future sends via Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • Ongoing support on your email.

If you are interested or know anyone who would be please get in touch at alex.ilhan@outlook.com

24 hours, you say – what are the rules?

Yep – 24 hours straight!  The rules:

  • I can stop only for bathroom breaks (the clock will be paused)
  • The whole event will be live streamed
  • I can stand up/walk around (still on live stream) occasionally.
  • I will stop coding occasionally to post small updates on Twitter.

Who are you raising money for?

I’m still looking for a suitable charity. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I’ve emailed a few tech-based charities and I’m waiting for replies.

Will I be able to sponsor you?

Yep! Once I have the website for it set up you’ll be able to donate/sponsor me.

If you have any ideas for this event please get in touch at alex.ilhan@outlook.com – I’d appreciate anyone sharing this post on Social Media.

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