First Freebie Template


Hey guys!

As promised on Twitter earlier this week I have got a free email marketing template to give out today! It is not the most spectacular looking email as I’m not a designer, only a developer. However, I plan to give one of these out every week or fortnight depending on how busy I am so expect them to get stronger and stronger as I do more and more. I’ve also not built many templates for the general public so apologies if you get a bit muddled up with my some-what unconventional coding style.

This template is completely free to use, redistribute or do whatever you like with. All I ask is that if you do decide to redistribute don’t claim credit.

You can download the template here. It should render correctly across all major email platforms and is also responsive for mobile, if you have any issues with certain email clients write a comment at the bottom and I’ll assist you in any way I can.

It’s meant to be a basic welcome email template but can be adapted in any way.

Here’s how it looks (larger copies below)


Click here to see the mobile version
Click here to see the desktop version